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Volunteering is an opportunity to make a real difference to people's lives and a chance to use your experience and skills to help support others in your local community. You will learn new skills and be working with a diverse mix of people


"Each of our volunteers is helping us to provide a
caring service to our clients and is a highly valued
and essential member of our team"


The on-going health of the St Albans Bereavement Network is very much dependant on our volunteers and we are indebted to those who give their time and skills on a regular basis to help others.

We are always looking to grow our team of volunteers; if you would like more information about volunteering opportunities with the Network we would be delighted to hear from you. For more information about our current opportunities take a look at our recruiting now roles.


If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer please contact us.


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recruiting now


We are seeking a new Trustee to enhance the current Board and are looking for someone
with experience and knowledge of Fundraising.


Trustee Fundraising
For more details...click here Role Outline...click here
To find out more about what is involved in becoming a charity Trustee,
take a look at the Charity Commission website...click here
Next Steps
If you would like to find out more, or to request an Application Pack,
please call the office ~ 01727 841914 or email ~
You will find more information about volunteering with Bereavement Matters in our Information Pack. If you are interested in applying please complete an
Application Form (download Word document) and send it together with your CV
and covering letter to ~
Other Volunteering Opportunities
Technology Support & Improvement Team...click here
Fundraising Team Members...click here
Qualified Counsellors...click here
The St Albans & District Bereavement Network operates an Equal Opportunity Policy
for all staff and volunteers


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working at Bereavement Matters

We hope that you will find working with us a rewarding experience and also a great opportunity for you to learn and develop new skills. We pride ourselves on offering our team on-going learning opportunities and personal development support. The contribution made by our volunteers is highly valued both by the Network and the many clients we support. But don't just take our word for it; some of our volunteers have shared their experience of working for SABN.


children's team volunteer

I wanted to develop my understanding of childhood bereavement and start working to support bereaved families. SABN came to my attention one day and I knew it was the perfect way forward. 

I did my initial training in October 2006, joined the children's team and began working with two teenage girls who lived locally. I received a lot of on-going support from SABN where I could get questions answered, find ideas and have access to the amazing resources available. Later I worked with 'SPACE' a group support scheme for families. Working with the parents was an amazing experience and gave me a real insight into how they were coping.  It was a privilege to work alongside an experienced worker; I felt secure but was also able to contribute even as a new volunteer. Later I did work with children in groups within schools with a team of other workers, supported an au pair caring for two bereaved children and I supported several children from aged 7 – 17 in local schools. It has been wonderful and very rewarding and has fitted well into my own busy schedule as I have a job and two children. 

SABN have been incredibly supportive and the supervision has been excellent. I can meet with others, process the work I am doing and receive feedback and encouragement. Though when I started volunteering with SABN I was very nervous, I have grown in confidence and experience. It is a privilege to support these children and to know that this unique time in their lives has a great impact on them. It is their time to process, remember and learn new skills to cope with difficult emotions.



adult counsellor

Five years ago I was invited to join SABN as a voluntary Counsellor. It was an exciting prospect. At the time I was working as a Psychiatric Nurse, working my way through a Diploma in Counselling and this was my placement. Now I have changed my career and increased my knowledge greatly while being able to help lots of people who were in distress. I feel that I have become part of a professional, friendly and supportive team, devoted to helping anyone who has been touched by bereavement and is finding it hard to manage.

In my time at SABN I have counselled twenty six clients aged between twenty one and eighty. Most have come expecting to find an understanding of their needs and a desire to help them through their bereavement. Now and again, clients appear seeking advice which is not our way of working. I explain what we can offer instead - a professional, impartial fellow-traveller on the journey through the bereavement process.

Once or twice I have met people who were reluctant to participate in counselling. Perhaps they were advised to have counselling and attended in order to give it a try. They did not return and I just hope that they found another way to help themselves. The great majority of clients, however, have attended for between six and thirty-two sessions. That we have helped them is evident from the thanks and praise that we have heard and read.

At times the work is emotionally draining and the supervision that is provided is a great help. Sometimes a sabbatical is helpful as I have discovered.  I have come to love my work at SABN and hope to be here for another five years, or more.   For me, and for my clients, it is the place to be.



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Autumn 2016 - Internal Training Only